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All Things New Mexico Chile

green chile growing on a green stem with 2 chilies turning red.

Welcome to New Mexico Chile!

New Mexico Chile Facts

  • New Mexico produces roughly 77% of chile peppers in the United States and is ranked No. 1 in chile production nationally. ( National Agriculture Statistics Service )
  • The cash value of chile pepper sales in New Mexico totaled to roughly $51,889,000 in 2020. ( 2020 NM Ag Stats )
  • The total chile pepper production in New Mexico in 2021 was 51,000 tons. ( USDA-NASS )
  • In 2021, 91% of chile grown was green chile (46,500 tons) in comparison to 9% red chile (4,500 tons). ( NM-2021-Chile Production )
  • Only .1% of the entire state yield is not sold due to poor quality. ( NM-2021-Chile Production )
  • A ½ cup of chopped or diced chile peppers delivers 108 mg of Vitamin C, which is more than most oranges. ( Chicago health )
  • The D.H. Lescombes Winery, 45-minutes southwest of Hatch, makes a Hatch Green Chile Wine, mixing a traditional concept of sweet-tasting wine with a spicy twist of New Mexico chile. ( Farm Flavor 2020 )
  • The New Mexico State University Chile Pepper Institute is Celebrating its 30 th birthday in 2022. ( Chile Pepper Institute )
  • Fabian Garcia, who started chile pepper research at NMSU, was inducted to the National Agricultural Center’s Hall of Fame in 2021. ( Chile Pepper Institute and Las Cruces Bulletin )

New Mexico-Taste the Tradition and -Grown with Tradition Logo Program

The program was created by the New Mexico Department of Agriculture (NMDA) to promote New Mexico products and identify them as either grown or made in the state. The NMDA Marketing and Development Division oversees the program. Full details on the program can be found on the  Taste the Tradition Logo Program page

The New Mexico Chile Advertising Act

The Act is a state statute that makes it unlawful to advertise, label or sell chile peppers or products as New Mexico ( or city, town, county, village, pueblo, mountain, river or other geographic feature located in New Mexico) chile unless the chile peppers or products were grown in New Mexico. The NMDA Standards and Consumer Services (SCS) Division administers the Act.

"Chile pepper" is defined in the Act as " the fruit from Capsicum annuum." The most common types are red and green chile, Chimayo, Sandia, jalapeño, Anaheim pepper, bell pepper, cayenne, paprika, serrano, banana, de Arbol, pepperoncini, poblano and sweet pepper.

Who does the New Mexico Chile Advertising Act affect?

You must contact NMDA's SCS Division at 575-646-1616 or If your product is subject to the Act, you must also submit any necessary verification forms - at no cost - to the NMDA SCS Division. 

After NMDA receives your verification form(s), your product will be listed on the NMDA website as a verified New Mexico chile product.

Was your business and New Mexico-labeled chile pepper product(s) established prior to July 1, 2013?
Yes No
Your product is eligible for a "Not Grown in New Mexico" disclaimer statement. Your product may be subject to the Act. 


Chile Vendor Verification

All vendors need to fill out a verification form annually and prior to June 30.

Before beginning the verification process, please have the following available: 

  • Name and mailing address of supplier/producer
  • Clear and concise labels for each chile product (including UPCs) 
  • Location(s) of production/crop (physical address)
  • Type of chile grown
  • All retail outlets supplied

To read the requirements in their entirety, visit the New Mexico Chile Verification and Record Requirements page.

You can complete the online  Chile Vendor Verification Form  here. 

For a list of frequently asked questions please visit the  New Mexico Advertising Act FAQ.

You can also view current vendors on NMDA's Chile Vendor public records.

To become a member of NMDA's Taste the Tradition program visit Elevate New Mexico's Logo Program.


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