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New Mexico Statutes and Rules

NMDA is responsible for the administration of over 30 state statutes and the rules and regulations promulgated under them. The statutes and rules made available here are for the public’s convenience. They are meant to be used only as a reference. The department has made every effort to accurately reproduce these statutes here; however, they are not the official statutes of the state. The official statutes are made available on the Internet on the New Mexico Compilation Commission website. The official rules are available at the New Mexico Administrative Code website. If there are any discrepancies between versions provided here and the official version, the official version has precedence.

General Provisions

NMDA Rulemaking Procedures 21.1.1 NMAC
Parental Responsibility Act Compliance 21.1.3 NMAC

Agricultural & Environmental Services

Fees for Documents and Services
Hemp Cultivation
Plant Protection & Quarantine

Agricultural Programs & Resources

Natural Resources

Agricultural Production Services

Feed, Seed and Fertilizer

Standards & Consumer Services

Chile Labeling
Piñon Nuts
Weights & Measures - Consumer Services
Weights & Measures - Petroleum Standards

Marketing & Development

Marketing & Promotion Organics