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Petroleum Standards Program


The Petroleum Standards program is responsible for the annual inspection and testing of all commercial petroleum measuring devices. This includes those used in the state. It also ensures product quality for gasoline, diesel, kerosene, brake fluid, antifreeze, and lubricating oil. Additionally, the program regulates the advertising and labeling of these products. Precise field standards are used in these inspections and are certified through the division’s metrology laboratory.

Regulatory activities administered by the division are performed under the authority of the Petroleum Products Standards Act. The Act is (57-19-25 through 57-19-37 NMSA 1978) and nine rules adopted under it.

Devices found not to be in compliance are placed out of service until repaired by service agencies. Agencies must be licensed with the department or reinspected by the NMDA inspectors.


Roxanne Chepsongol, SCS Division Director