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Service Establishments

The New Mexico Department of Agriculture Standards and Consumer Services Division (SCS) ensures the accuracy of any device installed, serviced, repaired or reconditioned and placed into service. This is official guidance to ensure the authority and responsibilities of a registrant are being met within the standards outlined in the New Mexico Annotated Codes.

Authority and Responsibilities of Technician

  • Prior to placing a device into commercial service, it shall be the responsibility of the registered Service Technician to: install, service, repair or recondition a commercial device in such a manner that the device will comply with applicable requirements set forth in National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) handbook 44, and the weights and measures law and associated rules.
    [7/1/97; NMAC - Rn, 21 NMAC 16.5.13, 01/31/07]
  • Remove all existing tested and approved, out-of-order or not sealed-not-legal for trade stickers or tags.
  • Seal all adjustment mechanisms with appropriate seal.
  • Affix to a commercial device installed, serviced, repaired, or reconditioned, a clearly visible tag or sticker containing the registered service establishment name or registration number and date on which installation, service, repair or recondition was performed.
  • A service technician or service establishment must possess or have available sufficient certified test standards to test in accordance with NIST handbook 44 requirements the class of devices for which registration is applied.
    [7/1/97; NMAC - Rn, 21 NMAC 16.5.15, 01/31/07]
  • Enter the NTEP Certificate of Conformance number on the PIS report following successful completion of installation, service, repair or recondition a commercial device of a device. It indicates that the device(s) described in the Certificate is/are capable of meeting applicable requirements of the Handbook 44.
    [NTEP Frequently Asked Questions]

Requirements for a Place-in-Service Report

  • Report turned in within five calendar days after a new or used device is installed or repaired - the properly executed place-in-service report shall be sent to the department.
  • Exact location of Pump or Scale must be stated on the report.
    • E.g. Register/ pump number, physical address, etc.
    • P.O. Boxes are not allowed
  • A Test Report shall be accompanied with the place-in-service report which shows the device was tested and performing within applicable tolerances at the time the device was placed into service.
    [7/1/1997; NMAC - Rn & A, 19 NMAC 15.108.14, 01/31/2007; A, 11/01/2018]
    • For meters (liquid measuring devices) with a capacity of more than 20 GAL or 75 liters per minute a Test Report shall be required, as specified in NIST handbook 44 for the device under test.
    • For devices other than those described above, test reports may be required by the director at their discretion that reports are in the best interest of all concerned.
  • Failure to comply the director may suspend or revoke a registration certificate in accordance with the procedures set forth in New Mexico department of agriculture administrative procedures and remedies for enforcement actions internal policy.
    [7/1/1997; NMAC - Rn, 19 NMAC 15.108.16, 01/31/2007]

Place-in-Service Report



Roxanne Chepsongol, SCS Division Director