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Veterinary Diagnostic Services


“To provide accurate, timely diagnostic support in the pursuit of animal disease diagnosis for the citizens of New Mexico, including the livestock industry and veterinary profession”. 


The New Mexico Department of Agriculture’s Veterinary Diagnostic Services (VDS) Division provides fair and competitively priced services for customers. We monitor costs continually to maintain quality service at an effective price. As do all businesses, we have encountered increases in costs for services and supplies.

As a result of these price increases, VDS will need to include shipping fees on supply orders. This change will take effect on April 01, 2024. Charges assessed will be at the same cost incurred by VDS; dependent on size, weight, and method of shipping requested at the time of order.

We are committed to providing a high quality, efficient, and affordable service to veterinarians, the livestock industry, and individuals throughout New Mexico and surrounding areas. Thank you for continuing to choose Veterinary Diagnostic Services for your supply and testing needs. 

NMDA’s Veterinary Diagnostic Services Division conducts diagnostic analysis of animal specimens from veterinarians and agencies to determine the cause of deaths or to identify diseases. These specimens range from a tube of blood or piece of tissue to a large animal. Our pathologists and in house scientists work together with the New Mexico Department of Health’s  Scientific Laboratory Division (located in our same building) and subcontracting labs to fulfill our mission.

Dr. John Ragsdale, VDS Division Director
800-432-9110 (In state only)