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Shipping Specimens

Drop Off Specimens

Specimens may be dropped off at the lab. Follow this map to drop specimens off.


Our preferred method of shipping specimens to VDS is via DMC Logistics. They pick up at your clinic and deliver to VDS between 7:30 and 8:00AM. FedEx and UPS are also preferred methods, however they both arrive later in the morning. Specimens may be shipped via the U.S. Postal Service to 1101 Camino de Salud NE Albuquerque, NM  87102, however this is not recommended due to longer transit times.

Proper specimen packaging

  • The couriers will refuse improperly packaged specimens. Proper packaging is required to reduce exposure to handlers, and also to protect the integrity of the specimen(s).
  • To protect the submission form(s), please place the forms in a separate plastic bag.
  • Liquid samples (serum, fluid, etc.) must be placed into sealable bags with sufficient absorbent material. This helps to contain any liquid that may leak from the primary container.
  • Samples should be double-bagged and placed in a shock-absorbing container (cardboard or Styrofoam box).
  • Specimens for histopathological examination should be:
    • Submitted in 10% buffered formalin (1 part tissue to 10 parts formalin).
    • No thicker than1/4 inch except when necessary to maintain gross anatomic integrity.
    • Double-bagged with absorbent material.
    • Placed in plastic wide mouth containers — tissues harden in formalin making removal from narrow mouth containers difficult.
    • DO NOT freeze.
    • DO NOT submit in alcohol.
    • DO NOT submit in saline.
    • DO NOT submit in glass containers.

Shipping Carcasses

Small carcasses (e.g., dog, cat, etc.) sent for necropsy must be double bagged and packed with adequate absorbent material and ice packs. There is no refrigeration of samples en route to the lab. Do not freeze prior to submission.

Packages containing carcasses weighing up to 60 lb (including of packaging) can be sent to the lab by courier. However, the carcass must be double bagged and sent in an insulated container with sufficient absorbent material and ice packs. Do NOT use wet ice. There is no refrigeration en route to the lab. Notify courier regarding the size of the package when scheduling pickup.

When submitting carcasses please note on the submission form the method of disposal of the carcass. This is important to ensure that the clients wishes are carried through.


Dr. John Ragsdale, VDS Division Director
800-432-9110 (In state only)