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Entomology and Nursery Industries

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pecan weevil larvae on pecans.

Pecan Weevil Exterior Quarantine

NMDA has amended 21.17.28 NMAC, Pecan Weevil Exterior Quarantine. New Mexico’s Pecan Weevil Exterior Quarantine rule was promulgated in 1969 for the purpose of reducing the risk of importing pecan weevil in to New Mexico from weevil infested areas exterior to New Mexico, areas of West Texas, Arizona, and California. The rule requires all in-shell pecans and other regulated articles that originated in pecan weevil quarantined counties to undergo a cold storage treatment to kill pecan weevil prior to entry into the state.

Several West Texas counties were removed from New Mexico’s list of quarantined counties. A cold-storage treatment post-entry requirement and a second cold storage treatment option were added to the quarantine rule.

View the full rule here.

Pecan Weevil Interior Quarantine

The Pecan Weevil Interior Quarantine restricts the transportation of pecan weevil from quarantine areas to non-quarantined areas by establishing quarantine areas, restrictions and treatment options on regulated articles, disposition protocol, and fees.

View the full rule here.

Brad Lewis, AES Division Director