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Hay and Pasture Contacts

a truck bed with stacks of hay out in a valley.
Photo by Bill Brainerd

Wildfires can leave producers without summer pasture and result in major loss of hay inventories. Be sure to check out this hay and pasture contact page, which was created so landowners and those with hay for sale may list what might be available. The goal is to establish a one-stop shop for the convenience of both New Mexico producers and those who have supplies.

2024 South Fork and Salt Fires
Your willingness to help is appreciated! If you have gathered hay to help livestock affected by the South Fork and Salt Fires, please complete the form below, or send the information requested on the form below to Please hold your donations until you have been notified that distribution has been coordinated.




Please note: This web page is a service for those needing forage and those selling forage. Any transactions resulting from this contact list are between the buyer and seller. The New Mexico Department of Agriculture does not endorse any items or services listed on this page.