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Pet Food and Specialty Pet Food

For pet food or specialty pet food to be distributed in New Mexico it must first be registered with NMDA's Feed, Seed and Fertilizer Section.

Pet food is any commercial feed prepared and distributed for consumption by pets.

  • Pets are defined as dogs or cats.

Specialty Pet Foods are commercial feeds prepared and distributed for consumption by specialty pets.

  • Specialty pets are domesticated animals normally maintained in a cage or tank. These include, but not limited to, gerbils, hamsters, canaries, psittacine birds, mynahs, finches, tropical fish, goldfish, snakes, and turtles.

Pet food includes pet treats, biscuits, training foods, sample sizes as well as the more traditional pet foods. Raw meat pet food diets are exempt only if the meat is not ground and not mixed with other ingredients.

Manufacturers or distributors must register the product by submitting an Application for Registration of Commercial Feed. They also must submit a copy of the product label, and the registration fee. New Mexico registers individual products verses licensing companies. All labels are approved according to the guidelines set forth in the New Mexico Commercial Feed Act.

Pet Food Labeling Guide

Any commercial feed (including pet food & specialty food) distributed in New Mexico must be labeled. This excludes customer-formula feed. The feed shall be accompanied by a legible label bearing the following information:

  • Product name and purpose statement
  • List the percentages of nutrients
  • List the name of each ingredient
  • Indicate how the product is to be fed to produce the desired results
  • Company responsible for the product
  • Net weight



New Mexico follows the definitions for feed ingredients set forth by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

The names and definitions for commercial feeds shall be the official definitions of feed ingredients. American feed control officials, Inc. may choose to use exceptions to definitions. This will be designated by the board in specific cases.

The terms used in reference to commercial feeds shall be the official feed terms adopted by AAFCO. The board may designate exceptions in specific cases.


Companies must notify the Feed, Seed & Fertilizer Section of all significant changes. These include changes made to company names, telephone numbers, contact information and label revisions.

Revised labels will need to be submitted to the section along with a Label Revision Form and the new label. Please write the New Mexico product identification number on each submitted label in the upper right hand corner.

Provided below are additional links to resources. The staff of the Feed, Seed and Fertilizer Section is also available to help with any questions.