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DriftWatch™ Specialty Crop Site Registry

The DriftWatch™ Specialty Crop Site Registry  is a voluntary online communication tool that is intended to help crop producers, beekeepers, and pesticide applicators work together to protect specialty crops and apiaries from pesticide drift.

How does DriftWatch™ work?

Producers of specialty crops or organic fields map their sites online with an easy-to-use mapping tool and provide information about their operation. Beekeepers can also map their apiaries. Pesticide applicators can access the website to help determine the scope and location of specialty crops and beehives in their trade areas.

Who can use DriftWatch™?

DriftWatch™ is free and the site locations are viewable by the public; but, not just anyone can register sites. Managers of specialty crop fields, organic crop fields, or apiaries can submit their information via the web site. It will be reviewed by NMDA registry managers before being placed on the map. DriftWatch™ is not intended for homeowner gardens.

For more information visit the DriftWatch web site or contact Steve Baca at 575-646-2733 or

Brad Lewis, AES Division Director